Solid State Stigma

tube-amp-vs-solidstate-ampI have noticed something lately, as I look at guitar amps to purchase, and it concerns me navigate to this web-site. It’s the stigma that seems to be attached to solid state amps versus tube amps like they aren’t and can’t be as good, regardless of brand, sound, quality, etc. I say this because I have recently been looking around for amplifiers and when reading and watching reviews on amps, I saw a trend that showed any solid state amps in a negative light. Reviewers would actually say that these amps “kicked ass” and “sounded awesome” but then tell you that they would only be good for practice amps, backup amps, or maybe playing somewhere rough where you don’t want to scuff your two or three thousand dollar tube amp. I personally think this is ridiculous, and I for one don’t care if an amp is solid state or tube, if it sounds good, it sounds good, and if I like it I am going to use it on my front line at my shows. I have and have played both tube and solid state amps and I have heard amps that astounded me they sounded so good and then some that made me cringe with how bad they sounded from both sides of the fence. I think there is a mentality that because solid state amps are usually cheaper than tube amps, they can’t be or sound as good, and technology today is making that an old and obsolete argument. This is just my 2cp worth on the subject that’s all, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

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