About Me

I am an Ogre-ish sort of fellow — a musician, writer, and computer geek; all in all a creator and fixer. I reside in the remote mountains of lovely South West Virginia with my beautiful daughter, cultivating knowledge of all things binary and musical. As a musician, I have been in many bands over the years including Black Dog Shine, The American Arrow Band, Houserockin’ John and the Hyper Brothers and Last Call to name a few, playing music that ranged from Blues to Rock, Punk to Reggae and everything in between. I have spent time in the studio, played thousands of shows and have even been fortunate enough to share the stage with and/or meet some true legends in the music world like Buddy Guy, John Hammond, Webb Wilder, Wet Willie, and W.C. Clark.

As a geek, I have spent more than twenty five years in the IT arena, slugging it out in every field imaginable. I have been a simple help desk technician, all the way up to C-level management as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for two different organizations. I have been a system, server and network engineer, written software, built servers, deployed clouds, managed petabytes of storage and more both for Civilian and Government agencies. I have also started and managed my own companies, including a successful Internet Service Provider and Computer Repair Shop. Prior to Information Technology, I had a background of training and work experience that included various aspects of security, electronics repair and work in the mechanical field.

I am also an avid blogger, an amateur fiction author, and writer of poetry and songs. Other interests or hobbies if you will, include collecting and shooting firearms. I am not a hunter at all, but I love to target shoot. I also enjoy romping through approved off-road trails in one of my trucks with friends, and spending as much time as I can with my daughter. She has become my best friend, a great song writing partner, and a heck of a good video game player!