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musicI have added a good portion of my songs to the site (18 of them so far) for you to listen to and see what you think. They span the last twenty years and include live and studio recordings from several bands I was in at the time as well as some that are solo works. All in all they aren’t too bad, some are better than others as far as recording quality goes zyban dosage. Some of that has to do with the nature of recording bands live at shows, especially years ago on a budget, and some of it naturally depends on the studios they were recorded in. There are a couple there I recorded at home on my computer long before I had or even though of having a real studio in my home. When you get down to it though, I believe they are entertaining, and that is what counts. So go to the Downloads section and check out what I have for you. I will have some new stuff coming soon, I have been in the studio recently working on new material, and hopefully I’ll have some rough mixes up for you to listen to soon. I hope you enjoy the tunes!

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