The One and Only Lemmy

Morder OneBy now, any music fan knows that Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, Godfather of Heavy Metal and front man for Motörhead left us on December 28th, 2015. He was 70 years old and was rocking hard right up to his last days. I haven’t posted anything about this before now because I just didn’t know what to say about it, but I had to put something up here. Lemmy was such an inspiration to myself and many others out there. Not just with his music, but with his whole outlook on life and his wisdom that was quite unique. I truly believe that Lemmy was very much underrated both as a musician and as an intelligent man. To those people who weren’t “fans” of the music, and therefore didn’t get to know Lemmy, they took one look at him and just wrote him off. On top of that, he had a work ethic that put most others to shame Get the facts. He will truly be missed by many, many people, both fans and peers alike. There will never be another one like him.

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Status Update – New Stuff On The Way

studioaThere are lots of new things on the horizon! Breaking news here is that a new band lineup is in the works. That’s right, a new band and new lineup for live music! The new lineup features the incomparable Jack Decker (The Critters, and The Four More) on Drums and vocals, Adam Neel (of American Arrow Band) on Lead Guitar, James Parker on Guitar and Vocals and of course your own Aaron Sword on Bass and Lead Vocals. There isn’t a name yet for this new lineup but you can rest assured that it will be released here once one has been selected.

In addition to that, new music is being written and recorded in the studio! Some material in the form of cover songs are ready to be released now that recording and licensing is complete. New original songs are in the works as well and will be ready for release in the near future. All in all it looks like lots of new stuff is on the way so stay tuned to this website for more!!

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New Songs Released!

Three new songs (Stainless Steel Soul, Is It Hard, and Plum Creek Fantasy) have been released and uploaded to Reverbnation. You can check them out with the embedded music player or at Reverbnation! I hope you enjoy the music!!!

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American Arrow Band – Come To Me

Here is another video for you, this one goes back a ways to when I was in American Arrow Band and we played on Channel 10’s Daytime Blue Ridge. That’s right, we were right on your TV playing away! Anyways, here you go with Come To Me, enjoy!


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Black Dog Shine – Gimme All Your Loving

Here I am playing with Black Dog Shine singing Gimme All Your Loving, the ZZ Top classic while we perform at the local Relay For Life in Pearisburg, Va buy zyban online. Check it out:

BDS - Gimme All Your Loving

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Status Update

Aaron Sword at practiceDuring the last part of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 I spent a good deal of my time in the studio writing and recording new tunes. Normally you do your writing before you get into the studio, but since it’s my studio I can write in there if I want to! LOL Those tunes that are the result are in the mixing stages for the most part and I hope to have them on the site for everyone (yeah, both of you) to listen to soon.

Most recently I have been planning and preparing for a live show with a friend of mine, something that I hope to present around the local area and farther if possible. So, to that end, I have been working on song lists, set lists, repairs, getting hardware and learning new material (both originals and covers) for the show – among other things. My friend Adam is an awe inspiring guitar player and between the two of us I believe we will put on one heck of a show site web. Now we both just need the time to finish what we have started!

All that being said, I am getting the itch to record again so I may try to lay down some tracks while getting ready for the show, so maybe I’ll have even more stuff ready soon. It seems that I have no shortage of ambition, just a shortage of time and energy for getting things finished once under way. Anyway, if you are reading this then thanks for stopping by and I hope you found something you liked here on the site!

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