Blue SGWelcome to my site, the new and improved AaronSword.com. This site will feature my music, writing, thoughts and ramblings and pretty much anything else that I happen to feel like posting about. I am an aspiring musician, so I’ll be writing a lot about my time making music. Whether that’s in the studio recording things or out playing shows, hopefully it will not only spawn some entertaining reading now and then, but some good music to listen to as well. I am also an amateur writer, and if I get brave enough I’ll even post some of my writing on here, but that’s for another time. When I have time I am also an avid gamer, I LOVE games and I am mostly a PC gamer, although I do own a Wii and Wii U along with a couple of older consoles, I normally stick to the PC for games. My current mainstays are Star Wars: The Old Republic, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo III. Though there are lots of other games I play now and then, those are the ones I play the most. This being said, I’ll probably post about games and such as well. In all, there is no telling what I might ramble on about, but I hope that you will drop some comments and tell me what you think about whatever it is that is going on. So thanks for stopping by, be sure to come back soon there will be lots more to come!

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