Status Update – New Stuff On The Way

studioaThere are lots of new things on the horizon! Breaking news here is that a new band lineup is in the works. That’s right, a new band and new lineup for live music! The new lineup features the incomparable Jack Decker (The Critters, and The Four More) on Drums and vocals, Adam Neel (of American Arrow Band) on Lead Guitar, James Parker on Guitar and Vocals and of course your own Aaron Sword on Bass and Lead Vocals. There isn’t a name yet for this new lineup but you can rest assured that it will be released here once one has been selected.

In addition to that, new music is being written and recorded in the studio! Some material in the form of cover songs are ready to be released now that recording and licensing is complete. New original songs are in the works as well and will be ready for release in the near future. All in all it looks like lots of new stuff is on the way so stay tuned to this website for more!!

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