Technology Taking Place Of Talent

autotune_alSomething Glenn Fricker with Spectre Media Group said has stuck with me and made me want to do a post about it. It was in a YouTube video he did called Autotune Sucks, and his statement was that “technology is taking the place of talent” in music today in that modern musicians are more prone to mediocre performances having the philosophy that they can “fix it in the mix” rather than do it right. He also adds, and I wholeheartedly agree, that the fans deserve better!

I for one agree with his statement. I have seen it more than once where a performer will have a less than stellar take and someone (like the engineer or producer) will say that it can be fixed in the mix later or that once everything else gets added you won’t even notice it. Add to that technology like auto tune, time aligned drums via beat detective, simulated guitars and amps and more, and you get bland boring mediocre music that doesn’t live up to the music of decades ago before all of this technology when musicians had to hit the mark or go pound sand.

Nowadays, bands and groups are based on and made by their image and look, not their musical talent. There are bands that are famous for having studio musicians play their parts on the album and then teaching those parts to the band members so they could play live. Meanwhile, it was the image crafted by some producer or manager that made them famous zyban to quit smoking. It irritates me, especially with “boy bands” that they get created in some producers office to fit an image equation rather than being a group of talented musicians that worked hard to learn their craft make actual music.

I really can’t say this any better than Glenn can, so go check out his video about auto tune and then some more of his videos because they are very entertaining. Thanks for stopping by!

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